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Poor lost soul


While sitting in ceramics class working on my project, I was listening to the hum of conversation around the room.  There were some older women who where chatting about how fun it was watching their grandchildren hunt for their Easter eggs, there was a younger group of kids talking about spring break parties and there were two older men who were listen in on the conversations with me as well.  One of the gentlemen made a comment about the worst part of Easter for him was the Jesus and religious part in it.  He hated religion and he especially hated hearing from people how Jesus died on the cross and rose again three days later.  He went on saying that those who believe this hog wash were lost poor souls.

I could not help to swallow the lump in my throat and bite my tongue because every cell in my body wanted to lash back offending me and others as believers in Christ.  In stead of doing that, I just took the time to pray for him and look at him in a way that he was the lost soul and he need my prayer more than he needed me to back lash.

On my way home, I could not help to reflect on that incident  and think how may there are in this world that think just like he does. How many are blindly walking and living life daily lost with no help from a savior.  It saddened me.

We as christians have a lot to do to help the lost get found and it is God’s greatest desire to see all his children saved and in heaven with him one day seated at his table .

Today and for every day to follow, I will pray for the opportunity to bring the gospeto those lost by living it out before them and also by taking the time to tell them you much God really loves them and desires to be their savior.



There is a new puppy in the house


A few months ago we had to make a difficult decision. Our family pet, Ginger had come down with pancreatitis. This would have been ok for any other dog but Ginger had diabetes. The pancreas is needed for insulin production and when the inflamation hit, she became very sick. She went down hill fast and we had to put her down.

After several months of mourning and missing our dog we embarked on the hunt for a replacement. We were successful finding a dog in the middle of Turlock, a farm town in California. She looked just like Ginger but let me tell you, she is not like Ginger at all. When we brought Ginger home as a puppy, she was crate trained, potty trained and she never cried once for her mom. But Kona, our new puppy was the exact opposite. She has been successful at reversing the potty outside to inside, she cries and whines in her crate and loves to tear her crate apart. It is a good thing she is so cute. That’s all I can say.

This has given me the opportunity to reflect on the need of discipline in not only our lives but the lives of our pets as well.

God has given us the Bible to help guide us in our christian walk. He disciplines us everyday when we do something wrong or when things are not aligning with the commandments he gave us.

I am grateful for discipline. It is the thread that intertwines within our day and it guides us keeping us on the path that God desires for our life.

Writing Muse on a Hiatus

Writing Muse on a Hiatus

It seems that the writing muse in me has been on a hiatus. I can not remember the last time that I blogged Maybe just maybe just maybe she might be back. So what is Up?

We have had one of the most event packed summers that I believe we have ever encountered.

I have another bird sitting on the edge of the nest just waiting to take flight. Kayla graduated from High School in June. It’s so hard to believe that she has grown up so fast. My oldest daughter is already in her third year of college and my youngest is now a teen.

Where has the time gone.

We had the opportunity to share a family vacation together this past August. We have some friends that own a home in Maui and they allowed our family to spend 7 days there. When we arrived at the house, there was no television. The girls were so excited that their parents actually took them to Hawaii that they blew up there data the first day. So we shut down the data. We had 7 days of pure vacation and family time. It was fantastic.

The snorkeling was amazing. God’s creatures were scattered everywhere on the ocean floor. Turtles, big and small would just mosey along in front of us and below us . We were there when the big hurricanes were supposed to hit the islands but God protected us. We bought food and water at Costco. We were the last ones to get bottled water. For the next few days we found empty shelves of food and water at every store.

The media had everyone all braced for a big attack. It hit the big Island and by time it got to Maui, it was a tropical storm. We had just a few days that were rainy and windy. Nothing significant. Just pure bliss, clear water, and beautiful sunsets.

We got to encounter a moon bow. Yes that is right a rainbow in the moon. It was exhilarating. I never even knew that there was such a thing.

All in all, the Burdetts had a great experience and took lots of pictures. I thank God for the the beautiful land that he has provided us with. The creatures he created are breathtaking and the power of the ocean wave have flooded our memories forever.

God Blessed us Big Time!


Last night, I had the opportunity to take my middle daughter and two of her friends to Toby Mac’s Deep Hits Tour.

 For just a few extra dollars we signed up for the pre event show.  I did not know what would take place there.  As we arrived there was a small line about one hundred people waiting to see what this “pre show” all consisted of.  They opened the doors and directed us towards the front stage.

This man walks out and start talking about how this was the last night the tour.  A few people in regular style clothing come out on stage with a guitar and a microphone.

 There before us was Matthew West, Mandisa and Toby Mac.  No kidding.  They out and sat with us, answered questions about the tour, their music and the impact that they are making for Food for the Hungry.  They showed us videos of starving children in Rwanda and their personal interactions with these kids.  They introduced us to their children and just blessed us in a crazy way.  For one hour we talked and fellowshipped.  It was the neatest experience I have had.  I was blown away.  The concert had not even started and I could not imagine how it could possible get much better than that but it did in a very epic way.  

The concert opened in prayer. Jesus commanded the stage and there for the next two hours we jammed with Toby Mac, Mandisa, Mattew West, Matt Maher and the Capital Kings.  The music was a full body experience.  Seriously, the bass of the drums rocked our chests, music filled our ears and the Holy Spirit showed up.    It was exhilarating.

That moment will forever be marked on my heart. 



This little light of mine…


Do you remember the song, “This Little Light of Mine?”.  It was defiantly one of my favorites.  Why? Because it says so much.  What it is implying is that God has given each of us a talent or special feature that he wants us to utilize to better his kingdom.  He want’s the fact that you love God so much that you would shine your talents, here or there.  Are you being called to shine somewhere?

I have recently taken on the task of helping out at my daughter’s dance studio.  I have been using my crafting talents of sewing to  mend and take in costumes.  I also love to paint and build things.  I have tackled  this project with other dance parents to put together props for this season’s dance production.  This stretches me a lot.  I love that I can use my hands to help out someone.

I also love to to cook and do things for others.  Sometimes this can get me in a lot of trouble because I do so much that I get run down. But the whole thing is, I am doing for others…Shine little light, shine.  I get this rush when I tend to the needs of others.  

When God gives you a gift, are you going to cherish it or save it for someday special or are you going to share it with others like little sprinkles of confetti?





New Year to look forward to


This past year has been full of wonderful blessings.  God has been true to his word and he has blessed our family abundantly.  There has been some disappointments also but because of our faith in God, those disappointments have ended with joy prevailing.  Honestly, I do not know how people live life without having a relationship with God.  

I have learned that walking by faith instead of sight is the only way to live.  God has his chance to show his faithfulness, his strength, and his undying love when we let go and let God.  

I have also had the chance to see the lives of people suffer when they do not walk with the Lord.  Their lives are rough.  They stumble and fail and feel like they are being handed a bad deal of cards.  If they would just trust in the Lord…

So, as this new year starts, my prayer for all of my friends and family is that they would allow the Lord to take lead in their lives.  That they would look to him for everything and that they would allow him to show his power.  I pray that before their feet hit the ground in the morning that they would ask God to lead their day.  I know that they will be amazed of what he can do for them.

Happy New Years!!!***