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Writing Muse on a Hiatus

Writing Muse on a Hiatus

It seems that the writing muse in me has been on a hiatus. I can not remember the last time that I blogged Maybe just maybe just maybe she might be back. So what is Up?

We have had one of the most event packed summers that I believe we have ever encountered.

I have another bird sitting on the edge of the nest just waiting to take flight. Kayla graduated from High School in June. It’s so hard to believe that she has grown up so fast. My oldest daughter is already in her third year of college and my youngest is now a teen.

Where has the time gone.

We had the opportunity to share a family vacation together this past August. We have some friends that own a home in Maui and they allowed our family to spend 7 days there. When we arrived at the house, there was no television. The girls were so excited that their parents actually took them to Hawaii that they blew up there data the first day. So we shut down the data. We had 7 days of pure vacation and family time. It was fantastic.

The snorkeling was amazing. God’s creatures were scattered everywhere on the ocean floor. Turtles, big and small would just mosey along in front of us and below us . We were there when the big hurricanes were supposed to hit the islands but God protected us. We bought food and water at Costco. We were the last ones to get bottled water. For the next few days we found empty shelves of food and water at every store.

The media had everyone all braced for a big attack. It hit the big Island and by time it got to Maui, it was a tropical storm. We had just a few days that were rainy and windy. Nothing significant. Just pure bliss, clear water, and beautiful sunsets.

We got to encounter a moon bow. Yes that is right a rainbow in the moon. It was exhilarating. I never even knew that there was such a thing.

All in all, the Burdetts had a great experience and took lots of pictures. I thank God for the the beautiful land that he has provided us with. The creatures he created are breathtaking and the power of the ocean wave have flooded our memories forever.