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God Blessed us Big Time!


Last night, I had the opportunity to take my middle daughter and two of her friends to Toby Mac’s Deep Hits Tour.

 For just a few extra dollars we signed up for the pre event show.  I did not know what would take place there.  As we arrived there was a small line about one hundred people waiting to see what this “pre show” all consisted of.  They opened the doors and directed us towards the front stage.

This man walks out and start talking about how this was the last night the tour.  A few people in regular style clothing come out on stage with a guitar and a microphone.

 There before us was Matthew West, Mandisa and Toby Mac.  No kidding.  They out and sat with us, answered questions about the tour, their music and the impact that they are making for Food for the Hungry.  They showed us videos of starving children in Rwanda and their personal interactions with these kids.  They introduced us to their children and just blessed us in a crazy way.  For one hour we talked and fellowshipped.  It was the neatest experience I have had.  I was blown away.  The concert had not even started and I could not imagine how it could possible get much better than that but it did in a very epic way.  

The concert opened in prayer. Jesus commanded the stage and there for the next two hours we jammed with Toby Mac, Mandisa, Mattew West, Matt Maher and the Capital Kings.  The music was a full body experience.  Seriously, the bass of the drums rocked our chests, music filled our ears and the Holy Spirit showed up.    It was exhilarating.

That moment will forever be marked on my heart.