Monthly Archives: February 2014

This little light of mine…


Do you remember the song, “This Little Light of Mine?”.  It was defiantly one of my favorites.  Why? Because it says so much.  What it is implying is that God has given each of us a talent or special feature that he wants us to utilize to better his kingdom.  He want’s the fact that you love God so much that you would shine your talents, here or there.  Are you being called to shine somewhere?

I have recently taken on the task of helping out at my daughter’s dance studio.  I have been using my crafting talents of sewing to  mend and take in costumes.  I also love to paint and build things.  I have tackled  this project with other dance parents to put together props for this season’s dance production.  This stretches me a lot.  I love that I can use my hands to help out someone.

I also love to to cook and do things for others.  Sometimes this can get me in a lot of trouble because I do so much that I get run down. But the whole thing is, I am doing for others…Shine little light, shine.  I get this rush when I tend to the needs of others.  

When God gives you a gift, are you going to cherish it or save it for someday special or are you going to share it with others like little sprinkles of confetti?