Monthly Archives: January 2014

New Year to look forward to


This past year has been full of wonderful blessings.  God has been true to his word and he has blessed our family abundantly.  There has been some disappointments also but because of our faith in God, those disappointments have ended with joy prevailing.  Honestly, I do not know how people live life without having a relationship with God.  

I have learned that walking by faith instead of sight is the only way to live.  God has his chance to show his faithfulness, his strength, and his undying love when we let go and let God.  

I have also had the chance to see the lives of people suffer when they do not walk with the Lord.  Their lives are rough.  They stumble and fail and feel like they are being handed a bad deal of cards.  If they would just trust in the Lord…

So, as this new year starts, my prayer for all of my friends and family is that they would allow the Lord to take lead in their lives.  That they would look to him for everything and that they would allow him to show his power.  I pray that before their feet hit the ground in the morning that they would ask God to lead their day.  I know that they will be amazed of what he can do for them.

Happy New Years!!!***