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Merry CHRISTmas!


This last weekend we had the opportunity to bring the season of holidays in with the traditional downtown parade.  The streets were lined  people young and old wearing coats, scarves and gloves.  It was a very cold night, music was in the air and I was there with my family.  My youngest daughter was actually in the parade so we waited for her thirty seconds of fame as she performed to Jingle Bell Rock.  

After the parade, everyone gathered downtown in the stage area of the Civic Center.  There we would be entertained by music and dance.  

They had a group of children there who arranged themselves on the stage, wearing Santa hats and Jingle Bells.  They were adorned with smiles and glitter.  They sang a few songs from their school program which had some songs that we were not familiar with.  While they sang there were people handing out papers with the lyrics of a few songs that we all could sing together.  Silent Night, God Rest Ye merry Gentlemen and Jingle Bells were the song titles.  But as we began to sing with the group I began to realize that the words in the songs had been altered to suit the “unbelievers” or what I like to call Grinches of Christmas.  It was not a good way to start off the night but instead of the altered words, I sang the original from my heart loudly and proclaimed my faith in Jesus Christ.  It was after the songs they had the lighting of the tree.  It was pitiful.  In the center of the yard was an average size tree adorned with just a few bulbs and maybe one or two strands of light.  The mayor said his thing and light up the tree.  I expected this grand lighting ceremony.  What a let down.  The friends we were with vowed that next year she was going to be on the tree committee to show our city how it was to be done.  

It saddens me to see how Christians are being ridiculed because of their religious beliefs.  If it was not for the birth of our Savior, there would not be a Christmas at all and so many people are failing to recognize that.  

So this year, I am putting those people in their places and I am proudly proclaiming that Christ is Born on Christmas Day.  And when I say Merry Christmas, I mean it with all my heart. My lights shine for God and the birth of his Son.  I want my light to shine every day for all to see.  Not just at CHRISTmas.  

So to my friends and family…Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year.  May your festivities be filled with the memories of the birth of Christ our Savior.