Monthly Archives: November 2013

Taking one for the team.


Many years ago, I remember my oldest daughter Meghan, came to me with a big announcement that her sister was being disobedient to us.  She went on to tell me that what her sister was doing was a big No-No in our house.  It was so long ago that I for got what the exact circumstance was but I do however remember the outcome.  Meghan had convinced me that her sister needed a spanking.  Ok, I got up and went into the room to give Kayla the spanking but something happened.  

Meghan had a change of heart, so she proceeded to tell me that she loved her sister so much that she was willing to take the spanking for her sister.  This put me in quite a predicament.  She knew what she was doing need was wrong but she did not want her sister to suffer.  Wow, this was BIG.

Does this remind you of something? How about Jesus taking on the debt of the world in sin for you.  A sinner.  

I am overwhelmed thinking that my little girl had just shown me Grace.  

Christ died for our sins.  As christians we plug away doing our daily chores and such so much that we loose the big picture.  Christ died so that my sins may be forgiven.  

Lord, thank you for your gift of grace.  Thank you for using things in our daily lives to show us your power. Help me to be the best person that you want of me.  Use me to touch others near and far for your work.