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I woke up this morning hungrier than usual  and for some strange reason I could not wait to have a bowl of raisin bran.  I opened up a new box that I had purchased from Walmart.  It happened to be the store brand.  

I started pouring my bowl and sat waiting for the raisins in my bowl to appear.  I double checked to make sure I had picked up a box that said “raisin bran”.  And at last two shriveled up black raisins plopped out of the box into my bowl.  That’s it… two raisins in the whole darn bowl.

Any of you who knows me  knows that if I have not had my cups of coffee in the morning, I can be quite a stinker.  I had not had my two cups of coffee so I was really grumpy and I did what anyone would do, growl…”I want raisens in my raisen bran”.  Well I settled for the measly bowl and went over to watch the news.  Only to find out that the supreme court had overturned the prop 8.  

I was shaken to the core because our founding fathers had actually based the constitution on  the foundation of God and his word. Here I was hearing that the Bible had been over turned in the Supreme court’s decision. My grumpy level went to GRUMPY.

The whole time in the back of my mind I felt duped. I was actually taken back that this box did not deliver what it said it was going to deliver.  I pay good money for groceries these days and I expect to have raisins in the box of raisin bran.  Now my government is doing the very same thing.  

Now I know this seems a bit petty to some of you but God used this bowl of cereal to make a point to me.  He placed on my heart that He indeed delivers.  He always has.  He says that He will always be the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He promises to never leave me and I can know  that with 100%  satisfaction that He delivers.  

He will be the final judge, I can count on that and His word will still stand in my house.  Just not in the White house. 

I thanked God for this nugget.  Tomorrow I am going for scrambled eggs. 

God Appointed Moment


The school days are winding down and my daughter had informed me that I had signed up as a parent  volunteer for the water park day.  Her entire sixth grade class would be going.  I don’t remember signing up quite vaguely.  I am a middle aged women with too much junk in her trunk and then some, so I don’t do water parks.  

But today was different, my last baby would be climbing up the ladder of school and would be taking on middle school.  She is ready, I am not.  But , just for the heck of it I decided that I would slather myself with sunblock and put on my best pair of capri’s and a tank top and go head up the kids at the water park.  

As we were getting settled, I noticed two boys with shorts and hooded sweatshirts were hanging around the tables with us and not going out having fun like the other kids.  So I asked the teacher what was up with them.  She went over and talked to them and she came back to say that they do not have swim trunks at home so they can not play.  

I asked the boys their sizes and they both ran off to the restroom to check and see what size shorts they would need.  When they came back with the sizes, I ran over to Target and bought two swim trunks and two beach towels.  I went back to the water park, took the tags off the new duds in the bag and folded them up like I meant to do just that.  I walked up to the  boys handed them their stuff and with wide eyes and happy faces they took the stuff and went to change in the dressing room.  

An hour had passed and those guys never got out of the pool.  In fact, I had to tell them to get out of the water to eat their pizza.  I had made their day and they made mine.  


I Thanked God for the Appointment!

Coffee with Jesus


I was reading through Facebook this morning and I read a comment on my friend’s page.  It said, “If you were having coffee with Jesus this morning, what would he say to you?” What a great prompt.

God has patiently been in back of my mind today.  It seems I have done my best to put Him on the back burner today.  I know what He say and I don’t want to hear it. He would be staying , Be still and know that I am God. 

Have you ever had that feeling like you are living out of a suitcase?  That restlessness, that leaves your legs wanting to run at night?  Well, that what I have been encountering these last few weeks.  I am not sure why I am feeling this way, I just am.

Yesterday’s church message was spoken right to me.  Your heart will remain restless until you rest in Him.  I love God with all my heart but for some reason, I have had a hard time being still enough so that He can speak to me.  

I know that not all my blogs can be positive.  My husband says don’t write unless it’s a positive message.  I am one of those people who sees things as the glass being half empty instead of half full.  I let my feelings get the best of me and take me down.  I don’t like it, but that is how I am hard wired.  

But I think it is important for people to see that the live of a christian is not always “hunky dory”.  We let things get the best of us. 

So I need to make a point to have coffee with Jesus tomorrow.  Today, I let myself be to busy and restlessness take me over.