My husband and I serve on the board of Younglife.  Younglife is a ministry for high school age kids.  They are mentored  and are taught more about God through club meetings and bible study.   They are given the opportunity to receive Christ at the end of every Monday night meeting that we call “Club”.  Many of the kids that come have never stepped foot in a church and they are loved on unconditionally and shown Jesus through the work of the college age councilors.

 They also have the choice to attend a summer camp that goes for one week.  Several states provide these camps around the world and ours so happens to be in the mountains above Sacramento.  They are specifically designed just for Younglife.  This ministry has been around for a very long time.  My husband and his siblings attended this thirty years ago.  It is still going strong and God continues to reach out to these kids. 

We have spent the last several months helping these kids work to make the money they need to go to camp.  Camp is very expensive but it is so worth it.  

We have had fund raisers like selling coffee , first aid kits and car washes.  

This last weekend, we planned an auction and spaghetti dinner for our community to attend.  

We had so many people willing to provide items to be auctioned but were having a tough time selling the tickets for the actual dinner.  We were down to the wire on Friday night, when our leader asked all of the board members to take time to pray for people to show up.  We had sold only 45 tickets.  That was not enough to get 40 students to camp.  

We spent the next day, which was the day of the auction getting the hall together.  We had over fifty students who attend Younglife help us set up tables, bring in the baskets that were being auctioned off , make lemonade, slice bread and make up signs to go out and draw the community in.  I was in the back kitchen preparing the spaghetti sauce and noodles for at least 150 people.

We did as we were directed by the Lord to bring this all together and we needed to show faith that he would provide the people.  We prayed before the event started, had the hall all set up and we waited.  If you cook they will come was our motto for the night. 

God arrived in a very big way and so did 150 plus people.  We used up every noodle, scraped up every ounce of sauce and sadly had to tell people we were out of spaghetti.  That did not slow them down.  They came in, bid on our auction items and we raised a lot of money for our kids.  

It was so incredible to see all these people come together for one reason and what a great way to show our kids that they matter and that they deserve to go to camp and have the experience of a life time.  

I was so proud of all of our kids and I am so honored to have served the Lord in such a mighty way.  

My husband and I serve on the board

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