The Plunge

I never will forget the first day I brought home my first-born.  My body was physically tired but all I wanted to do was sit and look at her. I had so much excitement and joy running though out my veins that if I tried to nap, I could not.   I explored the exquisite beauty and perfection of her ears, lips and fingernails. Everything fit just right, smelled like heaven and put warmth deep within my heart.

Yet, In the back of my head was this buzzing with this huge question, “now what?”  I had read all the books I possibly could to get me prepared for this little package yet I was clueless of which step to take.  This baby was one hundred percent reliant on me.  Her survival depended on me, and what I did to care for her.  That was pretty scary.  Was I able to do this? Was I prepared? Could I be the best mom for this baby girl?

I was also taken back how I could possibly love someone so much the moment I first laid eyes on it.  Yes, it is possible to fall in love at first glance.  That is when I knew that there was something out there bigger than me.  Something that thought everything out and knew that I had what I took to provide for this child.  I just knew everything was going to fit perfectly into life’s puzzle.

1 Peter 4:8-11 (The message) says, “Most of all, love each other as if you life depended on it. “ This child depends on me and I depend on her to love  me back.  It’s an emotion that made my plunge into mother hood like one in the Artic Ocean with both feet.   Oh yes Lord, I am taking the plunge.

Yet I Took another plunge the day I choose to live my life for Jesus.  The day I became a born again Christian.  Here I was totally invigorated yet so afraid because I had messed up royally my first time around and I did not want to that again.  Being the type A personality I am I wanted to do it perfectly.  But there was not a lot of resources out there. I read books one after another and took every bible study I could to get off on the right step but I needed guidance.  I eventually got the guidance I needed but I did however see that there was a need for a handbook for new christians.  Little did I know that God was buttering me up to write a book that could help christians.  I am not out to change the world but I am out to make a difference so so my book, ” The Yellow Brick Road to Christianity” hopefully will be published in the next year and I would love to get your feed back on it.

The Plunge

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