The Naughty Israelites.


I am currently studying the book of Nehemia. I have to admit at first I thought I was not going to get a lot out of it except that there is a need for missions in other countries.  But this last week God really touched me by showing me our vulnerability to rebellion.  

The israelites where shown God’s Grace and mercy over and over.  He provided for them, he delivered them from their enemies and he made promises that he kept.   Yet, they complained, rebelled, and were unthankful. I was struck as Kelly Minter, the person who wrote the bible study wrote, “No matter what period a people live in, we tend to detach ourselves from the past works of God, wondering whether He still acts powerfully in the present as He did in the past. ” Why is that? Why do we do such diservice to our God?  I hate the fact that I am weak and that I sin.  God has been so good to me and has provided for me over and above what I have ever asked for.  Yet I stumble. And I fail to see God for who he really is…A man of his word.

 What is it that I can do to change? What makes me a better person today than I was yesterday? I guess the fact that I realize that I am human and I am not perfect is a good place to start.  But most importantly that I strive to change and try to become more like Jesus.  It’s taking those steps that are so important.  

I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine about hypocritical Christians.  That they say one thing and do another.  Is there such a thing?  God knows our hearts  He sees the most inner feelings we have and if we are really trying to be better people despite the stumbling does that make us hypocrites?

About Denise Burdett

The child inside of me wants to create something beautiful everyday. I love to sketch, paint using watercolor or acrylics, photograph fun and odd things, sew or sculpture with clay. I also find it fun to blog and write about things that are relevant to me and my family. I pour countless hours of myself into my art because it is something I am able to escape in. I love to read books,write stories and illustrate stories. I am very passionate about my love for God. He has brought me through so much in my life: The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is because of his faithfulness that I am who I am today and all that I have is because of Him.

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