It takes work to build a friendship.  You need to give and take and be open to share information with each other.  Eventually over time, the friendship strengthens  and the bond becomes very strong.  When you accept God into your life, that same dynamic needs to take place.  You need to spend time with God in Prayer and reveal bits and pieces with him about you.  You need to really to soften your heart towards him and allow him to change you.  How do you find out about God and the person that he is?  What do you do to become more intimate with him to gain that love that is so strong that you are willing to lay down your life for him?  These are really strong questions.  But as a believer, no matter what place you are in your walk with God, I hope you  are doing what it takes to reach that Agape love.  Take the time to get to know your Jesus.  Fall in love.

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