There’s no place like home


I attended the San Fransisco Writers conference this last week.  I was so nervous to persue this because I never have considered myself a writer.  I have had a few short stories published before but writing a book is something so very different. As I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to rub shoulders with some of the “big dogs” in the industry, I was pleasantly surprised to be embraced by them.  They were, after all, human like me.  They gave me the encouragement I needed to take the next step in getting my book published.  I would like to invite you, my friends and family, to join me on this great adventure.  I would love your feedback on anything good or bad because after all, I am a newbie at this and any criticism is appreciated and welcomed.  

About Denise Burdett

The child inside of me wants to create something beautiful everyday. I love to sketch, paint using watercolor or acrylics, photograph fun and odd things, sew or sculpture with clay. I also find it fun to blog and write about things that are relevant to me and my family. I pour countless hours of myself into my art because it is something I am able to escape in. I love to read books,write stories and illustrate stories. I am very passionate about my love for God. He has brought me through so much in my life: The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is because of his faithfulness that I am who I am today and all that I have is because of Him.

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